Care Guide

Hello Gorgeous,
Your Enchant X lingerie is more than just fabric – it's a feeling, an experience, and a confidence booster. We want to make sure it stays as fabulous as the day you first slipped into it. So, here's a quick guide to giving your lingerie the TLC it deserves:
🌸 Delicate Dance: When it’s washing time, treat your lingerie like a delicate dance partner. Hand wash it gently using mild detergent. This is especially important for our leather pieces – they deserve some extra love and care. Remember, leather products should never be machine washed. Instead, hand washing with a gentle touch is key. So, no aggressive moves or rough rubbing – just a gentle touch!
🌸 Machine Magic: If you're using a washing machine, go for the gentle cycle with cold water. And don't forget to use a laundry bag for that extra touch of care.
🌸 Shady Business: When it's time to dry, let your lingerie enjoy the shade. Skip the sunbathing – your pieces prefer a cool, laid-back vibe.
🌸 Snug Sanctuary: Your lingerie deserves a cozy home. Store it in a cool, dry place where it can unwind. No tight squeezes – we all need our space!
🌸 Soft Dressing: When putting on or taking off your lingerie, go easy. It's all about soft and smooth moves that keep the magic alive.
Following these simple steps will keep your Enchant X lingerie looking stunning and ready to ignite your confidence. Every time you slip into it, you'll feel like the enchanting diva you are.
Sending you lots of love and lingerie goodness,
The Enchant X Team